India/Sri Lanka

BCM International

This will be my final post journaling our adventures from India and Sri Lanka. I wish I could share more of the wonderful experiences, but there would never be enough time, so here are some highlights…

As I was laughing about this plate, I was told that this was one of the BCM pastors in India. Just spreadin’ the good news!

Where in the world did they get this sign? A great place to eat, if you are ever in the neighborhood! (Sri Lanka)

Smackdown has made it to Sri Lanka. I bet he has no idea what he is wearing!

This is the capital & port city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Only after taking this picture did the guards run out on the beach and tell us that no one is allowed to photograph the harbor, for security reasons. Sri Lanka is currently fighting a war in the northern parts of the country, so tensions and security are a little tight.

We participated in the dedication of this new BCM church facility.

This is the conference/training center for BCM International in India. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this ministry. They are truly doing amazing work all over the world. For more information check them out here BCM.

Before this trip I had only read about church planting movements like this. Since 1984 in India alone, BCM has started over 16,000 new congregations and baptized over 400,000 new believers in Jesus. Last year (2008) they saw 734 congregations started and almost 3,000 new believers follow Christ in baptism. Each pastor is responsible to reach 10 new villages a year and expected to personally lead 10 people to faith in Christ.

The pastors in BCM are the real deal. These men are a tremendous example of faith and courage and I pray God’s great blessings on them.


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