Who will win the Super Bowl?

I feel like our family just may be a city’s lucky charm when it comes to sports. Starting in 2004 just before we moved from NC to Chicago the Carolina Panthers made it to the Super Bowl, where they were unfortunately defeated by the Patriots. Then the weekend we moved to Illinois, the Illini’s men’s basketball team made it to the National Championship game. However, they were defeated by, you know who, the U.N.C. Tarheels! Then a few months later on the south side of Chicago the White Sox started their march all the way to winning the World Series. Even last year, just as we were leaving Chicago, the Cubs had their miracle run all the way to an early exit from the playoffs, hey, at least they made it.

Now as residents of Arizona our ‘home’ team is poised to win the Super Bowl! So to all of Phoenix the McRae’s would like to say, ‘you’re welcome’. Hopefully they can pull off a victory, we would love to see this happen. So what do you think? Can the Cardinals win the Super Bowl?


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