Come Clean!

I have witnessed way too much avoidance of responsibility this week. First off, Rod Blagojevich continues to demand that he has done ‘nothing’ wrong. In spite of what seems to an inordinate amount of accusations, it looks like he will duck any and every sense of responsibility until the bitter end. Even on the radio today callers were siding with Blago, saying that they think he is guilty but that so is everyone else in Illinois politics so then, the governor should be left alone. This whole story is detestable, and it seems to me that the governor’s ability to govern is already a lost cause, yet still he continues.


Then even more disturbingly we have exhibit #2 Ted Haggard…


Ted Haggard has a documentary airing on HBO beginning tonight, and has been making his rounds with the likes of Oprah & Larry King. I watched his interview with Oprah and I was extremely disappointed. I am still not sure what he thinks is right vs. wrong, or exactly what he is taking responsibility for. I finished watching Oprah more confused about Ted Haggard than I was before.

There was one interchange where Mrs. Haggard and Oprah exchanged heated words and Ted sided with Oprah, throwing his own wife ‘under the bus’. The disagreement centered on wheter or not we are responsible for our desires and acting out on our desires. Oprah’s basic point was that Ted’s desires, the homosexual ones, were not ‘wrong’ but rather his lying about having these desires was his ‘problem’. Mrs. Haggard’s point was that our desires are not always right, so then acting out on bad desires is irresponsible.

I think that this whole conversation is clouded by the issue of sexuality. No one would argue that if you struggle with anger, then it is most often wrong to act out on that desire. If a person claimed that’s just my desire, ‘I just struggle with anger’; then they could justify acting out in anger by violence, and even murder.

Ted Haggard just doesn’t seem to take full responsibility for his actions. It seems to me to be premature for his return to public. I don’t understand his need to hurl his family back into the eyes of public scrutiny, especially when he has such difficulty explaining where he is on this journey. Remember, this man has communicated for all of his adult life, he is articulate, educated, and renowned as a speaker. However, he just can’t seem to explain himself, and I wish he would have kept to the privacy of his home and family, dealing with this in more depth before reemerging before coming clean, fully clean!

I read the following article today and I think it addresses this issue in a thoughtful way…


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