things kids say…

I love being a dad… most of the time. Just kidding! Sometimes it is so rewarding you can’t imagine life without them, and at other times it is so exhausting you can’t imagine having to continue living with them. The confusing thing is that there are moments in life where these two opposite responses are just seconds apart. At our house we call this time, dinner-time. For whatever reason, dinner time is never easy; unless we are serving pizza, hamburgers, or PBJ’s. 

Last night we had one of these meals full of whining, complaining, mixed with uncontrollable laughter. During dinner I asked Olivia, ‘what did you eat for lunch at school today?’

She answered me and said, ‘A slimy joe!’ I thought my ears were deceiving me so I asked again, and for a second time Olivia said, “A slimy joe’!

Not 2 minutes later Will who, I am sorry to say, has been fighting a little case of diarrhea, came running out of the bathroom after his latest episode screaming, ‘my buns are spicy!’ 

You can’t help but laugh, and you can’t help but love them! What an incredible joy, even on the bad days to simply be known as ‘daddy’!!!


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