Why Does The Church Exist?

This weekend at Cornerstone exemplified what makes this a truly unique place! I can easily say I have never been a part of a church that articulates it’s vision quite like this one. Our executive pastor, Paul, spoke on how the church does not exist for those of us inside the walls but for the world outside the ‘purple chairs’ of our church. He want on to explain, much to the surprise of ‘mature’ Christians, that Cornerstone doesn’t do Easter for Christians. Christians have already met Jesus, we already know & celebrate His resurrection, especially at this time of year. Easter then provides us with an incredible opportunity to ‘do church’ for those who have not yet met Jesus, so, once again, we will spend ourselves this year to make Jesus known in Chandler, AZ.

Interestingly enough, I saw someone post the following quote today on facebook, and I was reminded that this not necessarily a new concept in the church.  In ‘A Testament to Freedom’, Dietrich Bonhoeffer penned these great words…

‘The church is only the church when it exists for others!’

I am looking forward to an Easter experience like none I have ever been apart of before. Will it be different? Absolutely! Will we hear complaints? Probably, but only from Christians. This Easter we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we will worship Him as Lord & Savior, but we will do it with the intentions of making Him understandable to those who have not yet met Him, and we will hope and pray that they will encounter His grace and love.

For a hint of what we have up our sleeves at Cornerstone check this out…Don’t Ignore The Door


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