Great Read ‘The Principle of the Path’


Let me start by saying I am a fan of Andy Stanley, his sermons, his books, his sense of style (well maybe not that). Andy Stanley has served as a fresh voice of leadership for me for years, he has given me insight into the Scripture through his preaching and challenged me as a husband and father. His latest book is just another link in the chain of his influence in my life. In ‘The Principle of the Path’ Stanley lays out a simple yet challenging map and evaluative tool for anyone who is on this journey of life. Here are some highlights for me; but if you need direction, if you want a fresh perspective, I encourage you to go buy the book and read it for yourself.

* Direction–not intention–determines our destination.

* You don’t have problems to fix; you have directions that need to change.

* Our problem stems from the fact that we are not on a truth quest…We are on a happiness quest. We want to be-as in feel-happy. And our quest for happiness often trumps our appreciation for and pursuit of what’s true.

*Choosing the right path begins with submission, not information…Specifically, submission to the One who knows where each path leads, as well as where it doesn’t lead.

*Don’t trust your heart, trust God with your heart.

*God’s will for your life will always line up with his law, his principles, and his wisdom.

*It is next to impossible to hear the voice of wisdom if we are not really listening for it to begin with.

*What gets our attention determines our direction and, ultimately, our destination.

*…the principle of the path in 3 words: attention, direction, destination

*The things you give your attention to function as the directional beacon for your life.

*When we resist God’s will for our lives, we are in essence resisting God. When we resist the priorities he has established for us through Scripture, we resist him.

*Knowing doesn’t make the difference. Doing does.


3 thoughts on “Great Read ‘The Principle of the Path’

  1. Awesome!

    I’ll have to put this on my “to read” list.

    BTW, I hope Kate is enjoying being home, even if for a short time. There are still a whole bunch of us praying for her.

    Grace, love and peace.

  2. I just finished this sermon series this morning and came here to check on Kate! Loved the series- looking forward to the book, and always praying for you guys and your precious Kate!

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