Make A Wish Kate

make a wish kateLast night people form Make-A-Wish came to see Kate! Kate was so excited she could hardly keep from shouting her wish out loud, before it was time. We are all excited about this opportunity but no one as much as Kate.

Her wish?

‘I want to go to Disney’ she says.

‘Which one?’ we ask.

Kate responds, ‘Which one is farther?’

We reply, ‘Disney World’ and she agrees that is the one she wants to go to.

So in all likelihood, and Lord-willing: Disney here we come!!!


13 thoughts on “Make A Wish Kate

  1. What an amazing blessing Make a Wish is! My daughter made her (Disney World, also) wish a couple weeks ago and we got word on Sunday it was approved! I completely understand the glimmer of excitement they can offer. Enjoy this!!

    I will be so excited to hear all about Kates trip!!!!

    God Bless you all!


  2. What a wonderful blessing! My daughter just got the word from Make A Wish that we are going to Disneyworld also! Your family is truly amazing and you continue to be in our prayers! Kate God Bless you! Your a beutiful little Princess!

  3. I am so happy for Kate, as well as Olivia and Will. I hope you all have the best time!! You guys continue to inspire me! God Bless you all!!

  4. I am so thrilled about Kate’s wish! I hope you all can enjoy the time you have at Disney and allow this to be a much needed distraction from the reality you are now facing. Just know that the thousands that are praying will not be on vacation! We will be standing in the gap for you all! Much love to you guys!

  5. That is great! I have been reading about Kate on the caringbridge website and just praying that you and your family get through this hard time. I think Kate is a very strong little girl. And i just hope you guys have a great time at Disney World!

    -Always praying!

  6. Dear Katie
    My name is Sofia. I turned 5 on the 29th of June. Sorry that is the day you found out you were sick.
    My mom reads about you every day and we pray for you every night. I am glad you are going to Disneyland. Is it because you have been super brave? I live in South Africa, I am going to bed now but here is my prayer:
    Dear Jesus, thanks for giving Katie the trip to Disney. Please help her feel better. Please make her head totally healed. God can you also help her mom and dad not be sad. I love you, Amen.

  7. I have been and will continue to pray for Kate and your family. We are walking a similar path as you are and ask for God’s comfort as you continue to go through …

    My son’s wish to Disney was granted in 2008 after he went through brain surgery in 2007.

    All I can tell you is .. you WILL simply be amazed @ how well Make A Wish, Disney and GKTW will treat your family. It is truly a DREAM come true.

    I won’t tell you more .. the news and the way Make a Wish handle everything is OUTSTANDING .. each step is a huge blessing from God.

    Continuing to pray …


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