Pack Your Bags!!!

The other night Olivia came in the living room and declared, “I drew a picture of Kate’s tumor!” We all with horrified expressions looked at her to clarify what she just said. We couldn’t believe what we heard, and couldn’t imagine what the picture would look like. To our surprise and delight we saw this beautiful drawing of a blob with eyeballs, and a bag in hand.

goodbye tumor

Olivia proceeded to tell us that the bag was the tumor’s suitcase because it was packing up to leave Kate…Whew!!! We finally were able to breathe, and even laugh at the imaginative way a 7 year old deals with pain and deals out hope. Thank you God for the faith of a child!


6 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags!!!

  1. Children sense things that we don’t… their faith is unobstructed by life as we know it. After I read about Olivia’s drawing on the website, I had even more peace about the results of the upcoming tests after round 5.

    Pack it up, Mr. Tumor, you’ve been served your eviction notice. It’s official, you’re outta here.

  2. This is priceless!!! Way to go, Olivia! That’s how I’m going to start praying…”Pack your bags, tumor! You’re outta here!!” Oh, to have such childlike faith!

    Love and blessings coming your way,
    Vickie & Bruce White

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  4. Pleasure to hear and see the positive and God glorifying way you and your children are all dealing with this. You all are such a living testament. Hold fast to your faith in Jesus. His hope will not disappoint us. Believing, praying & standing in the gap with you.


    Nancy Charlene

  5. That is awesome!! I’m with the last commenter, maybe it’s prophetic. I’m continuing to pray for Kate, that God will just take His finger and swipe every last bit of tumor out of her brain, just like wiping away cobwebs. Continue to hold out hope and believe in faith that GOD IS ABLE and hears the cries of His people.

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