When Dr Phil Comes to Town

What an interesting day! We had the opportunity to have Dr. Phil visit our home and tape an episode of his show. Dr Phil and his wife Robin told us how they had been following Kate’s story from the very beginning and praying for us all the way. It was great to meet them and they were extremely gracious. We do not know when the show will air yet but we’ll pass the information on when we find out. We pray that God will use this episode to give hope to those going through hard times, to raise awareness and compassion, and in many other ways beyond our expectations. Here are a few pictures, maybe we will share more about all this in the future…

living room

phil and 4

phil and fam


8 thoughts on “When Dr Phil Comes to Town

  1. How Surreal to have them in your home. Nice to know they were in town and there to support you both. I love how God is moving in amazing ways and truly getting the message of salvation out through such a great family. I have to say a few sunday’s ago you taught in Mosaic on singleness and not only did it reach me where I was at that day, but I witnessed the courage that God has been giving you through this. Continue to walk with God has Enoch did.

  2. I will make sure I am at someone’s house with “real” television when this airs! Praying, as always, for Kate’s healing and for our Lord to hold you all very snugly in His Hands.

  3. Praying that God will use this interview and testimony to bring glory to His Name, that those who do not know the hope of Christ will see His light shining in you guys throughout this storm, and seek Him.

    And as always, praying for His merciful healing…

  4. I don’t know why, but the last photo of you all and your (holly’s) sister, really affected me. I’m sitting here just in awe over the power of prayer. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, but I believe it was the power of prayer coupled with The Great Physician that saved my brother that almost fatal day this past May..I’m feeling the same here–saved in Grace, as well as Saved from the mean tumor–pack the suitcase it’s going to leave! (GREAT JOB OLIVIA!!)
    One Crusty-Mom-E
    and family~

  5. Great to see Dr. Phil doing his show about Kate. We continue to pray for your entire family and pray Dr. Phil’s show will be a blessing to many, many people! Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your story with us!

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