Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas

(My wife originally posted this on http://www.prayforkate.com a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure no one missed it. The response has been absolutely amazing, thanks to everyone who is making this happen. I will post the wish-list later…)

So we wanted to share an idea that we have been talking over for some time. I kept stalling, not sure about doing it. And then well, the night one of the kids up here passed away I felt an urgency to go ahead with it. It is about Christmas. Reality is, we could be at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for Christmas, which means, no Christmas with all of the kids together. And Kate’s birthday is the day after. The thought is so very discouraging. How could we not enjoy such a special holiday together. 2 kids at home, and one in the hospital going through an extremely tough and rigorous chemotherapy? No family breakfast, no opening stockings together, no traditions, no Christmas with the 5 of us.

So the more we thought about it, the more we realized, we may get the chance to be home, we just don’t know. But the reality is, there will be families up here. On the oncology floor, away from the traditions, their immediate families and extended families, fighting for the lives of their children. Some their resources spent to get their children treatment. Others deciding which children to spend Christmas with. Others wondering if this will be their last Christmas together. The thought never ceases to bring me to tears. And so we thought we could ask Kate’s amazing followers to help us try and make it a special day for these kids. We are asking for people to send donations for kids of all ages and around Christmas we will distribute the gifts to the families from all of you! We want these kids to know they are loved, thought of and treasured.

I wish fun gifts could take away a diagnosis, bring families back together, bring total healing. We obviously know it can’t. However, we can bring smiles where they may be lacking. And bring a glimmer of hope on very dark days. We would love it if you and your families would consider making these very special kids a part of your Christmas this year. Soon I will post some ideas for donations. I also want to include a kids Bible in each of the packages. After all, Christmas is about the love and sacrifice of Jesus. We want to offer that hope to all this Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas

  1. Awesome idea! Hannah’s little friend, back in Kindergarten, was battling leukemia. We sent gifts all the time. It was great to talk with her on the phone and hear her excitement. Anything for a smile…a moment of happiness.

  2. I love this Aaron! It’s beautifully powerful! Let me know how I can help & at least count me in for a kids bible! You’re awesome!

  3. sounds great, count me in. Are you dressing up as Santa? Post pictures for sure, we’ll be on the lookout for Kate’s Krazy Kool Christmas.

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