Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas (List)

(Again, originally this was posted by my wife on Kate’s Caringbridge)

So the Christmas drive is on, and an unbelievable thanks goes out to all of you! We are amazed and shocked by the HUGE response. We can’t wait! A few things I know I have failed to address…..

-First, we are asking that you don’t wrap the gifts so we can have people sort them as needed. We will get them wrapped though!

-Secondly, I know I have not posted a mailing address..

ATTN: Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas 2211 E Pecos Rd Suite 2 Chandler AZ 85225

-Thirdly, we have received enough promises for Bibles, that we do not need to collect anymore!! How great is that!!! For those of you who have emailed me, we will count on you continuing to send the Bibles… if however, for any reason you are unable, please it is no problem. Once we are closer to the time, if we have not received enough we will purchase them! Please we want no one to feel obligated if for any reason they cannot continue to be involved!

Again thank you to all of you! The response has been more than encouraging.. we are actually thinking these gifts may spill over into the PICU and other areas! We know how stressful the PICU is! And would love to bless those kids also!

I know this is long but here is a wish list….
light up toys, noise making toys, crib mirror
Yo Gabba Gabba toys, dora toys
sesame street toys, thomas the train
chunky cars and trucks
pirate ships and figures
Fisher Price spiraling speedway
princess toys
Perfection, Jumpin Monkeys
Pretty pretty princess
Operation, Pizza Pile up
battleship, Bop-it
Catch Phrase
treansformer toys
flip it remote control
older teen beads
models (cars, airplanes etc)
mp3 players
portable dvd players





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