God Must Be Up To Something!

My office has been overrun with presents for Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas. The response is incredible, people have been generous beyond belief and we are constantly amazed at what God is doing all around us in the middle of the greatest trial we have ever faced. Today for instance, we were interviewed for a segment on AZ TV Channel 3 (www.azfamily.com) This is the channel that carries ‘The Dr. Phil Show’ here in the Phoenix valley. So tomorrow (Wednesday December 2nd 2009) we have 2 separate interviews airing within a couple of hours of each other and neither Holly or I have ever done an interview before now. We are praying that God takes our fumbling conversations and uses it for His glory.

I just heard a great story that once again reveals to me the simple yet profound ways that God is touching people through Kate’s story. A 70 year old woman named Dora showed up at Cornerstone, our church (www.cschandler.com) and had presents she wanted to drop off for Kate’s Christmas thingy! Included in the bag was a “Dora” toy. She said that some friends of hers held a 70th birthday party for her the other day and some of them asked her what she wanted for a present. She responded by saying something like “I’m 70 and I have everything I need. However, if you want to bring me a present, bring me toys that I can give to this toy-drive for children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.”

So now I am staring at a simple bag full of toys on my floor that will provide a ton of encouragement to a child and their parent(s) who are going through one of the toughest times in their life. I can’t help but think, God must be up to something great! He is getting ready to reveal Himself and show His love to those who feel forgotten, and shower His grace on those who are losing hope. I pray that many will see Christ in their Christmas this year as never before!



8 thoughts on “God Must Be Up To Something!

  1. We KNOW God is up to something….He has a plan and we all know we are part of that. You were brought into our lives for a reason and we can’t wait to see what His reason is.

    We LOVE to hear these stories…like the one from Dora! Hurray for her. What a wonderful birthday gift.

    We’ll be watching Dr. Phil here in Ohio tomorrow and praying for Kate (continuously) and you and Holly as you speak to the interviewers. May God continue to bless you all!!!!
    We remain…Kate’s prayer warriors in Ohio.
    Jeff & Brooke Lauber-Cobb

  2. Incredible how God uses the ordinary and the NOT so ordinary to reach out to this world. Kate’s life and her story continues to reach around the world. We love you guys and are continually praying with you for God’s GREATNESS to shine in Kate’s life!

  3. That is Awesome….God never stops amazing me and how he can use just 1 simple little woman ( or 1 precious little Kate)to make such a HUGE impact on our heart! Our God is an Awesome God….And I think your right, I think he is up to something! Something Amazing that will touch many ,many lives

  4. This event makes me reflect on another baby at this time of year. A baby who was born for us so that we could have everlasting life.
    It is wonderful to see the true spirit of Christmas shining.
    Yes, God is up to something but what we often forget is he has been from the beginning and always will! And what a gift he gave us (his son) .
    Even though you are busy and have shopping and so many things to do this time of year please reflect on this and the true meaning of Christmas.
    Know that miracles do happen and find something positve in your life to
    be thankful for.
    And God Bless Kate and her family and what a inspiration they are to all of us. In the midst of their fight for Kate’s life they are selflessly thinking of others too and making a difference in so many peoples lives.
    Thanks Aaron & Holly 🙂

  5. Oh My Goodness, what a house full of presents that is great. Please know that I check my emails everyday to check on Kate. What awesome parents you both are. Our God is awesome too and He loves Kate and has her right in the center of His big mighty hands. I would love to pray for Kate right now. Our most kind and gracious Heavenly Father, we come to you right now in precious Kates name and ask for a healing that only you can give to her little body that has been held down by this ugle beast called cancer. Lord we pray for clean scans from this MRI and we are going to believe they will be. You said “if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountain’s!” I know this family has been through difficult times and the back pack they are carrying has been mighty heavy for quiet some time. Lord please give them some relief from all they have and are still carrying. We know there is NOTHING impossible with you Lord. We ask all these things in your precious name Jesus, Amen. My prayer’s will continue for all of you especially Kate. Sincerely, Teresa Putnam

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