Jesus and A Little Girl

Yesterday was a very interesting day! As we sat in our living room watching ‘The Dr. Phil Show’ it was still so shocking to realize that this story being told is the story we find ourselves in the middle of. Then later we watched the nightly news on channel 3 here in the Phoenix valley and once again we faced this reality. Never could we have imagined 6 months ago that we would have to watch our then ‘healthy’ daughter battle this cruel disease, and do so on a national platform. Yet, as I sit here and peck away at my keyboard I can’t help but think this story we find ourselves in, is not just simply ‘our’ story. This story is bigger! This story represents struggles around the world. This story speaks to parents in the middle of a host of adversities. This story shakes the illusions of comfort that we so often become lost in. This story is covered in humanity, rooted in the human experience of pain/struggle/fear.

Yet, still this story is bigger! This story is bigger still, because at the heart it is not ‘our’ story, it is God’s story. Even in the midst of our situation we are discovering a God who is creating a story for himself. He is before this thing and he is holding it all together (check out Colossians 1:16-17). We find ourselves in the middle of God at work in our world, but in his unique way. We would never, never, never have chosen this story or this particular scene in the story but here we are, what do we do!

I am reminded again today that this story is about a BIG God and a little girl! This BIG God is using this little girl to make a BIG impression on people from coast to coast and in countries across the world. This BIG God has a name, and his name is Jesus! We enter into Jesus’ story for our lives, for it is a story of trial that leads to triumph, pain that lends itself to praise, and rescue that rises up in resurrection!


10 thoughts on “Jesus and A Little Girl

  1. Yes the story IS about our big God and the love He shares for all of us. My own journey with cancer has taught me that too. There were times I would think why me and then I came to a place to say yes Lord why not me. But daily in my prayers my heart hurts that you and your family have to go through this long journey. What a testimony you all are of Gods grace and love. . The word cancer is the ugliest word I have ever known! What I do know for sure is NO word, diagnoses, treatment, side effect,blood count,scan ,can ever separate me from the love of God. NO MATTER WHAT!!! I will continue to pray for Kate and for your family. Love, Laura

  2. We do serve a BIG God Who is using a little girl with a BIG heart to make a BIG impact on a great BIG world. How huge.
    I’m humbled each night as I go to check the updates on Kate. I’ve been reading from the start & believing with all for her total healing.
    I am equally amazed to see a man of God, husband, father, etc. Continue to press on & use his pain for God’s gain & glory.
    Strength, blessings & peace to you!

  3. I was deeply moved by our entry which finds an echo in my heart. May our BIG God continue to heal your little girl even as He is using her battle to transform our lives. Thank you for sharing your pain with the world – for your honest, raw and vulnerable words here and on caringbridge; for your willingness to share that pain which is so private, yet so universally known. You are always on my mind and in my prayers. Thank you.

  4. Joy to the World the Lord has come….He has come and brought us Hope….this story is His and where He is you will find all you need. Thank you for your faithfulness and how it has touched so many. Praying for all of you.

  5. It must be surreal, watching that story and knowing its YOUR story. I would love to watch it, we would wait forever to get it in SA. Do you have a clip of it on YOUTUBE?
    PS, God is amazing, so hard to even comprehend. We trust with you for a happy ending and a testimony of His great and complete healing.

  6. I didn’t know your segment would be on yesterday so I missed it. Would you happen to have a link for that? I went to Dr Phil’s website but couldn’t find it. I would love to pass on this segment to others if I could only find it.

  7. wow Aaron you could have not said it better. I love the way you have put it.. A big GOD and a little girl that yes she is inspiring sooo many people and because of her story so many amazing things got started and they will continue to grow and give more to so many others that fight Kate’s fight.. your family is always in my prayers.

    Lidia B

  8. What a beautiful way of looking at your child and the glory that she is bringing our Lord through her life. Prayers in Christ from Shelbyville, Kentucky.

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