family pics…

Here are some recent pictures of our family taken by our great friend and amazing artist Promise Tangeman Wurzell! Thanks so much Promise we love them…


12 thoughts on “family pics…

  1. You have a beautiful family. I pray God blesses you beyond your imagination from this day forward and for many years to come.

  2. Been praying for your family for a very long time! Think of Kate often. I can’t believe how much all of your kids look alike. They are just beautiful!

  3. Hi guys,
    Still praying for Kate. Awesome pictures of the family! Treasure these times. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.
    In His Love, Ginger

  4. Gorg pics of a gorg family, Olivia looks like her beautiful mama. Kate and Will look similar. We pray too, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

  5. My prayer is for the two of you parents to weather the storms and stay a strong married couple who can love Kate and the other two kids with no distractions. Thank God for the July 31 post of “negative!”

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