View of Our Week Through My Phone-Camera

There are many ways to tell a story! My wife Holly has done an amazing job sharing about our daughters battle here PRAY FOR KATE. I thought some of you may be interested in seeing what our week is like through pictures. In our free time Kate and I like to goof around with the camera on my phone, if only you could see some the pictures we have deleted. Here are a sampling of photos that survived our critical analysis and are ready to be seen by the world…

Kate’s immunity has been compromised for months now. We had been concerned about having her fly commercially and being exposed to all those ‘germs’. That’s when a HUGE prayer was answered. A group called Corporate Angels was gracious in providing us this little piece of heaven to travel on!

Our first days here in Houston, at MD Anderson, were spent in waiting rooms for a LOOOONG time. We were grateful to find this aquarium in one area to pass the time. Kate was actually trying to play Hide-&-Seek with this fish which turned out to be quite hilarious.

Another way we pass our time is playing Hide-&-Seek ourselves back in our apartment. Kate is really good, and this was one of her best efforts, she crawled under this pile of pillows and left them stacked so neatly it took me forever to find her.

We have been blessed with a home away from home church in Ecclesia here in Houston. Holly and Kate haven’t been able to go to church in months because of Kate’s immunity and avoidance of most public spaces. So when we heard Ecclesia was having an outdoor Easter celebration and it would be in the park across from where we are staying we were so excited. After the service thousands, including many of the homeless who reside in this park, were fed. We enjoyed the family style feast and although Kate has barely had an appetite in months this, bigger than her head, cheeseburger sounded good for at least a couple of bites.

I was dragged around a few stores and we found this cool ‘Dance Your Heart Out’ shirt for Kate which fits her mood these days very well.

The apartment we are staying in has a few amenities that we are really enjoying. It is so nice to relax outside a bit after being stuck in medical offices all day. We frequent this coffee machine in our Cyber-Cafe. Also, the apartments evidently come with your very own X-Large pet’s. Now I have taken a few hits on this Roach, people saying it’s not that big, a even referring to me as a wimp, much to Kate’s dismay. First of all, that bottle of Dove is the SUPER-DUPER economy version and is itself enormous. Secondly, when I tried to squish this varment I had difficulty figuring out how to wrap my hand around it’s gargantuan frame. It was really BIG, no matter what you Texans try to tell me!

Here is why we are in Houston! This is where Kate receives the proton treatment every day for 6 weeks. She is sedated every time, because she cannot move during this procedure.

This train and Japanese Flower Garden are two of the benefits of Hermann Park, just across the street from where we are staying.

Ever since arriving in Texas Kate has had a fascination with southern accents and entertains many of our doctors and nurses by barging into the room with a big, “Howdy Ya’ll!” A gracious friend sent her this real cow-girl outfit and Kate quickly tried it on and pretended to practice her roping skills.

We continue to be amazed at all that God continues to do through this process. Our time in Houston has been made much easier through the hospitality of many new friends and we will be forever grateful for that. Also, the prayers that Kate, and our entire family, continues to receive from all around the world are of immeasurable value. Thank you to all of you who sacrificially give of your time and resources for us, we thank God for each and every one of you. I hope these pictures give you a helpful glimpse inside the days of this feisty little miracle girl.


8 thoughts on “View of Our Week Through My Phone-Camera

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us….cockroaches and all! We are keeping you all in our prayers.

  2. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. The photos were a great way to share some of what you are seeing and doing. May the strength of the Lord continue to encourage you in this journey!

  3. Thank You! Allowing us into your lives to share in this battle with you is humbling for me. We pray every day. We plead with everyone we know to pray along. We have faith that Kate’s story will be one told when speaking of miracles.
    Cassie Jebber

  4. Thank you for that great update with pics! We pray for you all the time! I am amazed with Kate’s strength!

    We live in Gilbert and know what it’s like to travel out of state for treatment. We travel to Stanford every few months with our 2 yr old … he needs a new heart. When they finally list him, I will leave my family in Gilbert and relocate with Owen.

    It’s heartbreaking to leave family behind, but following your heart and praying constantly is what gets us through!

    I pray that GOD will heal precious Kate. I can’t wait for the day I read the post that the tumor is GONE!! I pray for that.


  5. Thanks for the pics! It looks like you’re in a great place, roaches and all. Including the right place for Kate’s treatment. May God bless you mightly and heal Kate. Praying for Wil and Olivia too.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these pics, Aaron! I have read every update put on Caringbridge (since day 1) and so appreciate you and Holly keeping us updated. It was such a treat to see a bit of what life is like for Holly/Kate in Houston. (I didn’t realize they were supplying pets too…lol)
    Praying for all of you daily!

  7. What a beautiful photo collection. Aaron, thank you for posting. Kate has touched my heart, and the faith you and your family have displayed has been a deep encouragement to many. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for allowing God to use your trial to minister to the church. Both the photos and Holly’s blogs have been a great tool to that end. Kate and your family continue to be in my prayers. Can’t wait to meet you all someday.

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