Ever feel forgotten?

Yesterday I was reading through Genesis and was struck by the use of the word ‘remembered’ throughout chapters 40 & 41. The story goes a little something like this… After correctly interpreting a couple of dreams, through God’s wisdom, Joseph asks the cup-bearer to Pharaoh to ‘remember me and show me kindness‘ & to ‘mention me’ (literally using the Hebrew word for ‘remember’) to Pharaoh [Genesis 40:14]. Twice in this verse Joseph asks to be remembered! Why would he ask this? What would make Joseph persist in this specific request? Well, Joseph had been forgotten, not once, not twice, but most likely over and over again throughout life. Through a long chain of unfortunate and unfair events Joseph had been systematically either abused or overlooked, the latter at times bringing even more acute pain. Joseph was almost getting used to being forgotten, almost! Despite his pleas we learn in verse 23 that the cup-bearer continued the theme for Joseph’s storyline and did NOT ‘remember’ Joseph; ‘he forgot him’! Finally, in the next chapter after Pharaoh has a dream the cup-bearer to Pharaoh realizes his forgetfulness and ‘remembers’ Joseph (Genesis 41:9).

The question we must all face is not will we ever face being forgotten, overlooked, abandoned or any other synonym that conveys the same struggle. The real question is how will we respond when we are forgotten? How will we handle ourselves when those closest to us overlook us, when life and/or love seems to just pass us by? Will we allow emotions to rule our judgment? Will truth really set us free?

There are so many things happening in this story about Joseph but at the core is this refrain, repeated on numerous occasions for emphasis, “The Lord was with Joseph!” Sounds simple, but makes all the difference in the world! The Lord was with Joseph! Joseph was never forgotten. God never overlooked him. This perspective seems to always provide the framework through which Joseph reacted to life. Joseph could have responded to many situations with anger, fear, or he could have just given up. Yet over and over again Joseph faced his abusers, the forgetful ones, and through God’s power he faithfully went forward.

Feeling forgotten is a real emotion! BUT! Stop and ask yourself a question. This question makes all the difference. Is the Lord with you? If God is with you, then what is there to fear?


11 thoughts on “Ever feel forgotten?

  1. What a lovely treat to be taught by you and it’s not even sunday and knowing your in Texas and not home now. Thank you.

    I needed this today. To much to go into detail but am so very thankful for my divine romance and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  2. This is one of my favorite stories, and I can identify with it on many levels. I couldn’t agree more God is so good and he’s alway’s there and that bring’s great comfort to me. I love and miss you, and am alway’s in prayer for you guy’s.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that the Lord is always with us, especially when we feel that no one else cares.

    Keeping your sweet Kate in my prayers.

    Love & hugs,

  4. I can relate the way Joseph was feeling. He had been abandoned and forgotten by his brothers. Not having heard anything from home and having no one looking for you, you’d feel forgotten.

    God is always with us. He wants us to want Him to never forget us. He wants us to long Him as much as he longs for us.

    Nice! Thank you so much. I needed this, and it looks like others did to.

  5. Well put, Aaron. I have thought often over my life that i was overlooked and forgotten, even set-up. Looking back after getting born again from on high, you get a different perspective. I guess not getting what you want and being grateful for what you have has been the most important part of the lesson. Who am i to question God’s choices. He sees all and knows all and it’s up to him to give and me to receive what he gives with graciousness. I pray to not waste my life thinking that i need something i don’t have and not being satisfied with what i do. So many spiritual lessons, so little time. Thank you Jesus for your blood bought forgiveness, grace, and patience. I am blessed for having you come for me and knowing me by name. Like the song says, your grace is enough!
    Great topic Aaron. I pray you and your family will be flooded by God Grace and Kate’s freedom from this cancer and the joys that will come from that day of healing. May his Glory envelope you all and his asher blessings be upon your family. Prayer are still with you all.

  6. Thank you for that wonderful lesson.

    Praying continually for beautiful Kate and your family. I am in Houston, and we hope you are receiving the Texas love!!

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