Dad, Celebrate Your Children

Being a dad is a phenomenal journey that just about any idiot can begin. However, being a great father is more than biological, it requires great love, sacrifice and lots of cheers. There is an old proverb that states: ‘Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.’ (Proverbs 22:6)

For many dad’s ‘training’ has connotations of discipline and correction. Yet, the wisdom of this statement actually calls us to ‘train for the shoulds’ not just correct the wrong behaviors. After reading and thinking through this I started evaluating how often I celebrate my children doing good vs just correcting their mis-behavior.

Just think about how much energy it requires to put a kid in time-out. You have to…

-stop doing what your doing (actually relinquishing control of the remote)
-get up from where you are
-escort the delinquent to a time-out spot
-reengage in your prior activity
-go back after the time-out has been ‘faithfully’ served (which sometimes takes a few attempts)

What if we started instantaneously celebrating the good behavior our children display with the same amount of intention. What if our sons and daughters saw us put everything else aside just to cheer them on when we catch them in the act of doing good? I believe this is the heart of the proverb, training by celebrating always means more than training by correcting!


3 thoughts on “Dad, Celebrate Your Children

  1. So well written. They will respond so much better when we start doing this. And it makes life so much more enjoyable for everyone. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up. Here I was proud of myself for taking all of the time to implement time-outs for the sake of good disciplining. From here on out I will use this undue pride as a reminder of all the time that I need to make sure I spend in praise and relationship-building after the timeout is served.

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