“Negative” is Great News

Thursday July 29th Kate went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for a PET Scan. As you can see in this picture she has her brave face on, but it’s not just an act, this girl is bravery and courage exemplified. She amazes doctors, nurses and her parents still with her resilience and spunk!

Finally, yesterday evening after a long day of waiting Holly got the call we had so desperately been anticipating. I was at home and the house was surprisingly quiet allowing me to read and study a bit. As I read the Bible I was fascinated by God’s interaction with Moses and the Israelites in Numbers chapter 11. In this story the people are complaining, Moses is complaining and even still God is gracious in his patience and in his offer to meet their every need. Moses, overwhelmed by the size of the need isn’t sure how to respond and his doubts are starting to win, but then God SPEAKS…

Numbers 11:”Is the LORD’s arm too short?
You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.”

I love that question! Is God’s arm too short? Is he unable? Has he been cut off from supplying our needs? Is he too feeble to help? Well, the answer is… just wait and you will see.

As I sat on my couch, I once again was reminded that God’s arm is not short, he still saves, he still provides, he is able rescue! His arm reached down and provided food to fill every need of this mass of Israelites. His arm reached out and delivered Jesus Christ, his crucified son from the grave, conquering sin and death. His arm can still reach out to us today in the midst of our suffering and deliver. So I prayed simply, “Lord reach out and rescue!”

As I prayed these words my phone rang and I answered to the sound of a sobbing wife! Unsure of the cause of her tears I anxiously waited for her to speak. Through tears of joy she told me the PET Scan came back negative, and that the doctors are ‘cautiously optimistic’. At this point there were no better words we could have heard from this test, so we began to celebrate and thank our God whose arm is still mighty and able to deliver.

Since receiving this great news the response has been overwhelming! So many friends far and near are praising God that our and their prayers have been heard. So again I say thank you! Thank you Father for hearing and responding to our cries in Jesus’ name! Thank you Lord for surrounding us with an amazing army of intercessors who have faithfully lifted Kate up in prayer. We celebrate the fact that we have been able to see Christ glorified in our pain. The stories that come in are amazing and we are grateful and humbled!


19 thoughts on ““Negative” is Great News

  1. Your story has touched meee, completely…Oooooooo, how i wish your little girl good luck and a healthy future.

    Nothing but good luck, and best wishes.

  2. So touching Aaron…we love you guys so much and we miss you and will not stop praying! I can’t stop smiling when I think about how good God is and how He is still at work. Yay!

  3. The Dr’s can be ‘cautiously optimistic’ all they want but they don’t know what Jesus can do. This is great news and certainly answered my paryers.

    P.S. We are also a cancer surviving/Make a Wish family. My son at 12 was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer that had spread up into his abdomen. He is now 28.
    Just wondering Aaron do they still have the Kids sign stars and put them on the ceiling at Kids Village?

    Jim Clark Seattle
    Mars Hill Church West Seattle

    • Jim,
      They do continue to let the kids put stars on the ceiling at GKW. It is a powerful thing for sure. Thanks for you prayers!

  4. Hi Aaron,
    I grew up with Holly and Steph and am one of the many who have been interceding for your sweet Kate. To say we are all overjoyed with you is an understatement! God’s arm is not too short and He has done a great thing for Kate…We are continuing to pray, but we are praising our faithful Healer today along with you!! We have been so amazed at the way the Lord has used you and Holly to speak His name so boldly and to trust Him in the depths of your pain…You have made His name great and have brought Him much glory. Congratulations on this “better than negative” result!! Thank you Lord!!

  5. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

    And thank you for the visual picture of our God who does NOT have short arms! Your family and your words have been an inspiration to me as I walk my life’s journey!

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  7. Praising God with you all!! I’ve thought of NOTHING else since receiving your GREAT news! I felt like I was taking my very first breath in such a long time. Never felt such relief and JOY! Your message was right on target and God’s timing was perfect… as always! 😀

    Love and miss you ALL!
    Vickie & Bruce

  8. How wonderful.
    How fantastic.
    The Great Medicine of Faith
    has proven, that miracles can happen.
    If Faith Happens.

    So many stories…
    So many more hopeful to seek in Him their Faith from Him and from that starts the Path of Forever.

    Many blessings tenfold!

  9. Just wanted to say how happy my family is for you guys♥ We truly do serve an awesome God! I don’t know how we could live this life without him. We’ll continue to praise Him for Kate and his divine healing for her . I know he can and has done excedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think.
    All our love, The Ulrich family

  10. My almost 9 year old daughter, Abigail, wants me to tell you how happy we are about the results of your test. We have been praying for your family since the beginning and are praising God now along with you. Abigail also wants me to tell you she thinks Kate deserves to do something fun; her suggestion is going to a butterfly house.

    May the Lord Bless You and Keep You and May His Face Shine Upon You.

    Angela and Abigail

  11. I am beyond grateful… I have been praying and praying. They day of that test, I could think of nothing else.. all day I kept praying for NED…Yippieeeeeeeeeeee…. I can’t wait to hear of Kate getting ready to start school… GO Kate..

  12. Just found you by watching Dr. Phil. Add my name to those who are praying for you family through Jesus Christ our Lord. My husband is fighting cancer too, please pray for him. My heart is with you.

  13. I have been following your story and you and your family touched my heart!! I am so happy to hear the knees of Kate’s PET scan and pray that the good news will keep flooding in for you guys!! Your daughter is beautiful and so is her life!! I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

  14. Praise our LOrd He is an awesome Lord Thank you Jesus for taking care of little Kate who has touched the hearts o thousands Lord we need this miracle Sweet Jesus especially in a time the world has so much turmul We pray Lord that you continue to heal Kate and Bless her with prefect health that you bless Aaron and Holly and the kids and make them an example of your Mercy and Kindness and an example of the Mcrae faith and love from a sister in Christ from Texas.

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