Making Memories

Our family is loving our time together this year like never before. Every moment is precious, every day counted a blessing. There are things that we have, in the past, taken for granted that are now savored and enjoyed to the fullest. Over a year ago, we didn’t know if Kate would ever walk again, among other concerns, and now she is doing her best to learn to ride a bike.

The investment we make in our children is unlike any other opportunity life has to offer. This year we are making memories, we are celebrating life, and we are choosing to make Christ central in all we do. Here are a few glimpses into our life…Merry Christmas!

Olivia’s debut at Cornerstone! She is on the left in the black shirt, can you see her? Neither can I, but she still gave it her all!

Christmas time in Phoenix is an interesting combination. The weather does nothing to indicate the season of the year, but we won’t let 70 degrees stop us. If the snow is not going to come to us will make it ourselves…


2 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. love the picture of kids at snow! I miss Power Ranch. You guys are doing a great job! Fighting for you guys in prayer! Love, Alexanders

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