The Gospel of Hosea

I absolutely enjoyed studying the book of Hosea last week. It is an incredible story of God’s faithful, redeeming love towards his unfaithful people. It goes a little something like this…

Chapter 1
Hosea, go marry an adulterous woman
with a really weird name (Gomer)!

What? Are you sure God?
Your marriage will be an example to Israel of their unfaithfulness

Thanks for the opportunity, I think.
Hosea, I want you to name the children to be born:
1)after an old place of shame 2)no mercy 3)not mine

O.K. if you say so!

Chapter 2
Hosea, my people have been unfaithful, they are a disgrace.

Please be merciful God!
Oh Hosea, by the way, I still love them and want them to be mine.

Thank you Lord for your unending grace!
I want to bring my loved ones back,
turn their shame to hope, give a fresh start…

God you are so good to us!

Chapter 3
Hosea, bring your adulterous wife back home,
go love her like I love my people.

It would be my honor Lord!
Hosea, even though she is your wife, and you love her,
you will have to pay  a price to redeem her.

That’s fine Lord, no price is to great for my love!
One day your Redeemer will pay a great price,
the life of His Son, to redeem his people.

Forgive and save us O Lord!

Here is my talk from Cornerstone on this: 1-23-2011 Scandalous: Hosea


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