Man of Sorrows…Here With Us

Isaiah 53:3 He was despised and rejected by men;
a man of sorrows, and acquainted withgrief…

This incredible passage written hundreds of years before Jesus Christ tells in vivid detail the path our Savior would walk. Jesus could have absolutely avoided pain. He could have looked away from our sin and left us to fend for ourselves. He could have distanced himself from the suffering of our world. However, instead of keeping grief at arm’s length Jesus opened himself up to it, entering into it. Instead of leaving us alone in our sins Jesus became like us in order to redeem us. For many of us who know real pain, Jesus is a close acquaintance, present and full of compassion!

He is here in our pain, He sees, He knows, He feels, He grieves!


He loves, He hopes, He prays, He comforts, He guides!

As only one who has walked a similar road can do, Jesus longs to take us by his side and lead us through. Whenever we question this journey, struggle with our lot, and when there are no answers…He is there! Whenever we can’t look on our circumstances any more… seeing the man of sorrows, here with us, the one acquainted with grief is the only vision that can bring hope. Hallelujah, what a Savior is true, may it echo in our souls today! How has Christ met you in your pain?


4 thoughts on “Man of Sorrows…Here With Us

  1. As I have begun to follow your story this past year my life long perceptions of prayer have had a slight shift. I am learning to lean on Christ and not always seek solutions but seeking His comfort and consolation. I believe we are united with Him in our pain and suffering so profoundly. There is grace to be found in leaning on Him alone.

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