Making the Most of Your Time(line)


Just a quick scroll through my Twitter Timeline can be a teachable moment for me. Like everyone else I am busy, and I really don’t need 1 more distraction in my life. However, quick peaks on Twitter throughout the day can be just what I need for a thought provoking moment, a story that captivates and challenges me, or the spark for an idea that requires investigation at a later time.

As a pastor here are 4 follows that are very much worth my time. They may not be the ones for you, but finding and following the right ‘Tweets’ can make the difference between killing time and seizing a moment!





Who do you follow that inspires, educates, and challenges you?


Put the Cell Phone Down & Step Away From Your Twitter

This year a number of friends have told me that for Lent they are taking Twitter and/or Facebook off their phones. The distraction of these networks had consumed more time and energy than desirable. What is their problem?

Well, if you are like me, you may have noticed or actually you may have not noticed how you can unconsciously scan the list of recent tweets from your friends or check-up on your FB friends. For some of us these actions have become so familiar we give away our attention without even realizing it.

This week I have tried to pay attention to what I give my attention to, particularly in regards to social media. My smart phone doesn’t always lead to smart decisions: like when I am checking twitter at every stoplight, reading emails at dinner in the middle of a conversation with friends, or checking FB when I need to be playing with my kids.

So, this weekend, my wife Holly and I decided we will work to set boundaries on how, when and why we are using or misusing our phones. Is this a struggle for you? If so, how are you working through it?